Strategic Planning Facilitation


Harness the knowledge and passion of your workforce
to achieve game-changing company performance.


Wolff Strategy Partners transforms vision into results. We’ve turned the strategic vision of large companies into measurable goals and action plans. We’ve taken entrepreneurial concepts and turned them into viable businesses. We’ve rescued major projects that have gotten off track. The bottom line is that if you can vision it, we can probably help you turn it into measurable results.

We’re a boutique consulting firm, specializing in strategy management. Our proprietary techniques and singular focus offer rapid results and great value.

We show businesses how to succinctly define their strategy, align everyone with that strategy, and then harness the knowledge and passion of the workforce to improve execution — with measurable bottom-line results. We work with companies from $20 million to over a $1 billion that want to improve profitability without just asking the staff to work harder and longer hours.