Strategic Alignment: The Key to Flawless Execution

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Strategic alignment is a powerful tool and the only path to flawless execution.

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A Framework for Strategy?

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Takis Athanassiou wrote an interesting article.  Here’s an excerpt: The art of forming a strategy, or thinking strategically is a skill required in many levels in today’s complex world, but it is especially important to leaders. In today’s quick shifting external and, sometimes, internal environment, a good strategy can be the only base, a company can be founded on, for achieving its objectives. But a good strategy, needs good foundations and for that you should base its formation and its execution at a solid background! via A Framework...

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The Digital Tipping Point: Opening the Door to Opportunity

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“The digital tipping point: McKinsey Global Survey results” points out how far companies are from really exploiting digital opportunities. According to the report, less than 40 percent of executives say their companies have accountability measures in place and only 7 percent say their organizations understand the exact value at stake from digital.  Digital, in the context of the McKinsey survey, refers to digital engagement of customers; innovation of products, operating model or business model; big data and advanced analytics; engagement of...

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