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Transform vision
into results

Wolff Strategy Partners works at the corporate, division or department level to align employees with strategy, improve execution and deliver measurable bottom line results.


Develop strategy and goals

  • Define Mission, Vision, Values
  • Identify Market Differentiators
  • Assess Current Situation (SWOT)
  • Define Strategy and Metrics


Engage the Workforce

  • Describe Future and Current States
  • Perform Gap Analysis
  • Create Action Plans
  • Communicate with Entire Workforce


Manage Flawless Execution

  • Oversee Program Management
  • Provide Frequent Executive Updates
  • Escalate and Resolve Issues
  • Measure Results

Drive Positive Change

  • Many companies have a strong vision but may lack effective processes to execute and measure the results
  • Most employees don’t understand the company strategy, which can mean diminished performance, lost revenue and excess costs
  • Most managers and employees have compensation plans that do not correspond with the company’s strategy
  • Business leaders don’t need to understand technology, but they should understand the value that technology can deliver
  • Many visionaries are brilliant and entrepreneurial, but not always skilled at long-term execution and operations

Optimize Data & Technology

Data is one of the least leveraged, yet potentially most lucrative assets in businesses. Technology exists to leverage your data, not just to acquire and retain customers, but to predict who will be your best customers and where to find them. Wolff Strategy Partners has teamed up with industry leaders in predictive modeling and data analytics to bring years of knowledge and experience to help your company thrive and beat your competition.

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