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Digital Transformation Strategy

Digital Transformation is the application of technology to create a differentiated customer experience.

It affects the entire enterprise — Marketing, Sales, Operations, Customer Service, Finance, Legal, IT.

Digital Transformation is an enterprise strategy that must balance culture and technology.

Digital Transformation starts with a healthy obsession with your customer and comes to life with people and technology

Wolff Strategy Partners thrives at the intersection of strategy, culture and technology.

We show you how to achieve the desired customer experience and strategic outcomes.

Deployed well, digital technology boosts revenue and transforms customer experience, operations, and business processes. When mismanaged, companies risk becoming obsolete.

— MIT Sloan School of Management

Your business is at risk right now

The pace of industry disruption continues to accelerate

Competitors want to disrupt you

If you don’t delight your customers, someone else will!

Can you protect your business?

84% of digital transformations fail



Do you have a strategy?

And a measurable plan of action? And the culture to flawlessly execute?

We understand.

We’ve been there.

And we’ve seen countless others with the same challenges.

That’s why we perfected these tools.

And when we consistently generated breakthrough results,

We knew we had to share them with others.

“Digital rewards first movers and some superfast followers”



Don’t just evaluate the competition. Your biggest competitor may be in their parents’ basement. Find out what your customers really want — no matter how different it may be.


Develop a strategy that protects and extends your market differentiators. Determine how to measure success. And balance culture and technology to define agile, responsive action plans.

Align and Execute

Establish transparent program management that provides visibility into the status of every strategic initiative every day. And align every employee in your company.

We’ll help each employee understand his or her role in achieving the vision.

And we’ll show you how to create complete transparency in the execution of your plan.


Be the disrupter, not the disrupted

Grow your business

Improve the bottom line

Build a change-ready culture

Align your team for success

Move at the Speed of Disruption

Disruption happens fast. Transformation doesn't.

We'll help you with the strategy, action plans, culture and alignment to enable your digital transformation.


Don't wait to be disrupted

Let us make you a digital transformation leader  with tools and skills that will last a lifetime

Be one of the top 16% that succeed!